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Camp Activity now included in the Folders Section


November 06- (Friday) Culvert Replacement     Photo

October 31- (Saturday) Bear Encounter     Photo



October12 - Camp Work Bee     Photo

June 18 Window Replacement       Photo

June 17 Camp area        Photo

February 17- National Geographic Prehistoric Discovery        Photo



October 13 camp  camp work bee        Photo

September 29 camp  improvements          Photo

September 14 camp renovation complete          Photo

September 12  camp renovation project continues.            Photo

September 10  camp renovation project continues.            Photo

September 8  camp renovation project continues.            Photo

August 8- Friday    Started camp renovation project.            Photo

July 14- Sunday    Billy Arsenault barbecue pit project       Photo

March 11- Monday   Mike D / Bo   Grill Purchase     Photo

February 10- Sunday- Grandma and Grandpa on the trails  Photos

January 5-6 Snowshoe/ Ski Trails       Photos


December 01- Saturday- Oldtimers       Photos     by Tom D.

December 01- Saturday- Fromaget Monument   Photos  by Mike Donah

November 25-  Sunday-  "Peek-A-Moose"    + "Bear Stand"   Photos


September 27- Thursday-  Camp Meeting.  New member Rick Scranton


Monday November 5- BobL. unloads new 450 Grizzly/ power steering.



September 15, Thursday- Supper/Meeting.  Mike Merrihew accepted as a new member.

October 15, Sunday-  Very successful camp work bee. Pre-blocking of the wood by Tony
                    made the wood detail go much quicker.  A much needed bridge on the 2210
                    skidder trail was constructed. All photos on the 2011 page.

November - Jules photo of an old time Cable Car crossing.   Photo

November- Tim A. Gull Pond buck.   Photo

November 13- Sunday-  Bucky resting after a long morning of hunting.  Photo

November 14- Monday- Wouldn't Murph's Cajun Biscuits go well with Mikes Burgers.

November 15- Tuesday- Joe Sahl's buck taken with a bow downstate.   Photo

November-                      Mike Merrihew's deer taken at Teacher's Club  Photo

November-21- Monday  - Chris Fletcher's Kansas Whitetail Deer taken with bow. Photo

December 2- Senor Jules cooks up Chimichanga's for Mexican Night      Photo

December 3-  Saturday-  Tim A. celebrates #29       Photo



January 6 Wednesday- Snowshoe and game camera.  Photos

January 7, Thursday- Camp Meeting, first supper of the year.

January 11, Monday- Recent Game Camera photos. Have moved camera to a different
                                  Location as of 1-11.   Photos

January 12, Tuesday- Bee Hill Game Camera.  Photos

January 12, Tuesday- Premature Deer (taken off internet) Photo

January 15, Thursday- Bee Hill Game Camera  Photos

January 15, Friday- Ladies Night (photos in the 2010 folder section on main page)

January 19, Tuesday- Bee Hill Game Camera    Photos

January 25, "And the Eagle Won"- sent to me by Tony M    Photos

January 23, Saturday- Bee Hill Game Camera      Photos

January 28, Thursday- Bee Hill Game Camera      Photos

February 2, Tuesday- Bee Hill Game Camera (relocated)   Photos

February 10, Wednesday- Bee Hill Game Camera    Photos

February 10, Wednesday- Mike Keniston phone camera !!!!!!!!!    Photos

February 11, Thursday- Mike Donah feeling better.   Photo

March 3, Wednesday- Mr "Pothole Patcher"      Photo

March 31, Wednesday- Tony's winter guide boat  project.      Photo
                                      Work in progress. 

September 23, Thursday- Camp supper and meeting. Meal prepared by Chef Bo/Wife.
                        Elected new member M. Robillard.  (see membership page). 

October 4, Monday - Tony's game camera    Photo

October 17, Sunday- Another successful camp work bee.  Thanks to Tony we had a lot
                of wood already down and blocked up, resulting in a lot of time saved in loading
                the wood shed. New refrig was working good. On display were the first 2 bucks 
                of the season. (Muzzleloader).  All photos in the 2010 folder section.

October 18, Monday- An update on Tony's winter project- successful completion of 
                 another unique adirondack guide boat.  Photo

October 26, Tuesday- Mike L. was hard at work with his new "Sledgehammer"!!   Photo


January 02, Friday-       Snowshoe loop from North Road to Bridge junction across and
                                    past Rudy's shelter, back out via "Old Road" (very wet) trail to 
                                    middle gate, and the cut thru the woods back to the North Road.
                                    Photos accessed from the main page (01-02-09 entry)

January 03, Saturday-   Snowshoe loop from camp over 2210 and back to camp. Unusual
                                   sighting on the trail short distance from camp. (Jr Czar outing)
                                   Photo accessed from the main page (01-03-09 entry).

February 14- Valentine Supper.  Table discussion tonight was a collection of Colon Exam,
                                               Root Canal, and Kidney Stone stories. (great for digestion) 

February 15, Sunday-  Ladies night photos posted.  Photos courtesy of Sue L. and Kathy K

February 26, Friday-   Camp busy this past week with Family Outing, Trail Clearing,
                                  Rabbit Hunting.  Lots of tracks on the trails (snowshoe, atv, deer,
                                  rabbit, snowmobile, coy dog, human)

March 22, Sunday-      Continue of trail clearing from the Middle Gate. With a connector
                                   trail over to the North Road gate. Photos

March 26, Thursday-  Photo's of Hawkeye's grandson and friend in the 2008 90 mile 
                                  canoe race from Old Forge to Sarana Lake.  Photos

April 2, Thursday-     Trail clearing up main trail to waterfall at far end.  Photos

May 2, Saturday-        Met this character on the main trail today.   Photos

May 7, Wednesday-   "Bo" returns to his old form as he organizes a trail ride.  Photos

June 1, Monday-        Complete clearing of the mailbox trail- visit to the monument. Photo

June 3, Wednesday-   ATV outing  Photo

June 17, Wednesday ATV outing   Photo

June 17, Wednesday - Czar has returned from his cruise to Alaska- He stated that he 
                                   "could not see Alaska from his house so he had to visit there".

June 25, Thursday- ATV outing   Photo

July 9, Thursday- ATV outing   Photo

July 23, Thursday- ATV outing at Moose Pond  Photo

July 30, Thursday- ATV outing at Buck-A-Year   Photo

August 5, Wednesday- ATV outing at Buck-A-Year   Photo

August 29, Saturday- Buck-A-Year golf outing.   (submit photos if you have them)

September 2, Wednesday- ATV outing at Buck-A-Year   Photo

September 9, Wednesday- ATV outing at Buck-A-Year   Photo

September 10, Thursday- Camp Meeting   Photo
                                   New member Tim Arsenault voted in.

September 10, 2009 Golf Tournament photos can be viewed by clicking the link
                       back at the main page.  (return to main page)

September 10, Jules Game Camera video (large file)

September 15, Tuesday- ATV outing at Buck-A-Year Photo

September 16, Wednesday- Camp Work Bee to Stain Camp, Replace Refrigerator, Level
                           Propane Tank, Replace burner under water tank.  Photo

September 24, Thursday- ATV outing at Buck-A-Year Photo

October 1, Thursday- walk up 2210 Photo

October 3, Saturday- Bridge repair near water source for camp- not sure who gets credit
                          for the job ??  Photo   (solved-  Billy A. )

October4, Sunday - Workbee    Photos are in the 2009 Folder section on Main Page !

October 6, Tuesday- Bucky takes a ride. Photo

October 8, Thurdsay- this is a must see page !!!!!!!   Photo

October 12, Monday- 4 Hours watching a moose from a Hornbeck Canoe Photo

October 14, Wednesday- Bucky clears the millyard trail.  Photo

October 21, Received from Jules this photo of B. Quinn and his "slammer 6x6 Elk".
                     Only member of the Quinn group to bag an Elk.  Photo

October 31, Saturday- Only shooting going on this weekend was at Czar who was in 
                   town acting in the production of the new movie "Re-Creation" (cloning of 
                   more Czars ??!!!!) He has assured all that when the movie premiers 
                   that the first showing will be a Black Tie affair - with FREE popcorn.  Word
                   has it that he had to retake his scene 4 times (something about walking too 
                   slow).  He did relay that he wore his Buck-A-Year clothing so the club is in 
                   line for on screen recognition. He offered to sign autographs at supper, but
                   the members were too busy dining on the fine roast beef.
                   2009 Folder photos (10-31-09) show his enthusiasm for his new venture.

November 3, Tuesday- slow beginning of the season- Bucky, Rudy, Tony daily at camp 
                      on the trails. Some miscellaneous photos to pass the time.   Photo

November 4, Game camera indicates at least one Buck is around -  Photo

November 6-7, Good weekend with 2 bucks taken.  Tony on Friday, Tom on Saturday.
                         Saturday night at supper we celebrated "Bo's" birthday with another broken
                         rendition of "Happy Birthday".     Happy Birthday Bo !!!!!  Photos

November 13, Friday-  Large group in hunting today with 2 Bucks taken by Billy (6 pts)
                                  and Rudy with a Spikehorn.

November 14, Saturday- When it's raining out and you have already a deer then you 
                                  stay inside and keep warm-    Photos      

                                      Ben C. topped off the weekend with a nice 8 point  188# Buck.
                                         Photos on the main page  (2009 Bucks).  

November 17, Tuesday- Photos of Chris Fletcher and Kansas bow hunt 2009.   Photos

November 17, Tuesday- Tony organizes the group for a "shock and awe" drive.  Photos

November 20, Friday- Photos of Ed Fletcher and Kansas bow hunt 2009.   Photos

November 22, Sunday- Camp Trivia

November 23, Monday- Hunter's Bypass

November 24, Tuesday-  Jim supervises Propane delivery.

November 28, Saturday- Breakfast chef Rudy and his season offerings.   Photo

                                      Jules morning 8pt Buck- access photos from main page.

                                      Evening Pork Chop Supper- Photos

December 1, Tuesday  " Buck-A-Year Holiday Carol"

December 2, Wednesday- Received today - More Christmas Spirit

December 5, Saturday- Last camp supper of the season. - access photos from 
                                       2009 Folder section on main page.

December 8, Tuesday- Jenkins Brook Trail  First Snow   Photos

December 12,13 - Saturday-Sunday-  Snowshoe trails on Mill side of road  were real
                              good these days.  Photos on main page 2009 folder section.

Summary of 2009 Season Suppers



January 10, Thursday-  Cooked Sausage by Jules , camp meeting with election of officers.

February 10, Sunday - Xcountry skiing on the Park by Jules. Photos

February 15, Friday- Xcountry Ski/Snowshoe on North Road loop to Middle Gate. Photos

March 13, Thursday- Snowshoe on North Road etc. after the ice storm. Photos

March 18, Tuesday- posted photos of Murph's rabbit hunt the past week. Photos

March 22, Saturday- snow at camp at Easter.  Photos

September 5, Friday- new bridge constructed this summer by Billy and Wayne. Photo

September 5, Friday- clean camp area  Mike L. and Mark R. ? Photo

September 5, Friday- clean sighting area by Mike L. and Mark R. ? Photo

September 25, Thursday- first supper / meeting of the season. Fine meal prepared by
                         Mrs. "Bo"/ served by "Chef Bo".

October 1, Wednesday- Photos of new cabinet built by B. Labarge.  Photo

October 5, Sunday- Workbee- Woodshed filled, new refrig installed, camp cleaned.
                                                     Photos accessed on main page.

October 17, Friday- Rudy finished cutting thru the trail that exits near the top of the ledges
                               on the mailbox trail. Needs more work but the ledges can be bypassed.

October 17, Friday- Wayne shows his game camera photos.  Photo     Photo

October 31, Friday- Bob L. shoots record deer 212 lbs.  Dressed by Rudy, transported by
                               Jules, hung, weighed and verified by a host of members. Photos in the
                               2008 Bucks Section. 

November 7, Friday- Czar presents "BO" with a birthday cake. And leads a somewhat off 
                                 key rendition of "Happy Birthday".  Photo

November 21, Friday- "Bo" puts on a meatloaf etc. supper topped off by dessert by Mrs Bo.
                                  Mark R. finally comes out with the true story of burying his father's 
                                  new 4-wheeler in the mud- shots were fired, shouts made, and finally
                                  a frustrated walk out in the dark. Blaming the entire incident on the
                                  lack of a winch on the 4 wheeler.  Maybe a good idea to look into for|
                                  future ventures. 

                                  "Czar's" birthday brought on another offkey rendition of the 
                                                "Happy Birthday" song led by Chef Bo.

November 29, Saturday-  Main course tonight was Venison, with head Chef Wayne doing
                                       the cooking (and also dishes).  
                                      Notably missing was Bucky (it was quiet !)
                                      A special hello and hi to Tim and his crew down in Antartica.
                                      Some of the "Older" camp members are amazed at how the internet

                                      can reach that far !!!!!!! ??

December 31, Wednesday- Snowshoe loop from North Road gate to the brook and then
                                         the new cutacross trail to the Mailbox trail.  Saw Rudy's marks
                                         on the trees beyond the cut trail.  Photos accessed from the 
                                         main page (12-31-08 entry)


September   8, Saturday-   Buck-A-Year cookout following golf tournament

September 15, Saturday-   Rudy constructs a new shelter.
                                        Billy constructs a new bridge so his ATV won't get mud on it.
                                        Roger has stag party.
                                        Charlie trims one of the lower trails.

September 21, Friday-     Camp meeting will take place, supper @ 6:00,  meeting to follow
                                          @ 7:00pm.                                   

September 21, Friday-    Bo drives his new project to the camp !!!!
                                      M.  Robillard is voted in as a new member.

October 1, Monday-      Miscellaneous fall camp photos here.

October 3, Wednesday-  Two of our members are in Lions Club Old Timers photo-
                                        Can you find them ??    Photo Here

October 7, Sunday-     Camp work bee 

October 19, Friday-     First camp supper of the season- fine meal was served by Jules
                                   and Czar.  Missing was the coleslaw- home in Bo's frig.

October 28, Sunday-  Mike L. has come up with a unique idea. (although somewhat
                                  doubtful as to its purpose) (Photo here)

November 3, Saturday- Murph brings news article about his grandson. Photo Here

November 3, Saturday- Wayne's days as a postman in Saranac Lake Story Here

Novemer 11, Sunday-  Crisp morning on the way to camp for the Breakfast Chef"s
                                    morning meal.  Photo's

November 11, Sunday- Dish washing/ drying training.  Photo
                                    B.A. contributes camp meat. Photo

November 12, Monday- Venison supper with Wayne as chief cook. Photo

November 15, Thursday- Ed Fletcher in Kansas with his 10 pointer. Photo

November 17, Saturday- supper guests  sang ?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Czar.

November 24, Saturday- Pork Chop supper with coleslaw, twice baked potatoes
                                      carrots, bread.  Topped off with delicious Pumpkin Pie
                                      compliments of Tom D's wife.

                                      Rick Dat. was chef in charge outdoors.


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