"White Mountain Hiking"

-Mt Madison (5367') & Mt Adams (5774')-

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adams1.jpg (125812 bytes)  Trails to Summit of Mt Madison & Mt Adams

Unexpected Visitor at 5000'  adams2.jpg (62884 bytes)

adams3.jpg (112748 bytes)  Above Treeline is Hard Walking

Mt Washington (6288') Viewed From Valley Way Trail  adams4.jpg (75648 bytes)

adams5.jpg (89920 bytes)  Mt Adams (5774') Viewed From Mt Madison Summit ( 5367')

Madison Spring Hut (4800') Viewed From Mt Madison  adams6.jpg (121696 bytes)

adams7.jpg (104280 bytes)   Madison Spring Hut With Mt Madison in Background    

                            Mt Madison (5367') Viewed From Airline Trail To Mt Adams  adams8.jpg (82288 bytes)

adams9.jpg (84204 bytes)   Kings Ravine Viewed From Airline Trail

Airline Trail Bordering Kings Ravine  adams10.jpg (94048 bytes)

adams11.jpg (97788 bytes)   Kings Ravine Viewed From Down Airline Trail