-(Mt Adams attempt 10-30-99 )-(Upper Works Blast Furnace)

(click on photo for larger picture)

opal1bridge.jpg (251236 bytes)  Suspension Bridge crossing the Hudson River at Upper Works

Walkway crossing Lake Jimmy  opal2walkway.jpg (205876 bytes)

opal3reflection.jpg (128848 bytes)  Lake Jimmy

The trail as a result of the recent hurricane  opal4trail.jpg (243276 bytes)

opal5trail.jpg (253920 bytes)  More trail damage (it got worse  going up the mountain)

    The Blast Furnace remains at Upper Works  opal6furnace.jpg (137116 bytes)           

 opal7insidefurnace.jpg (198140 bytes) Inside the Blast Furnace looking up

Brickwork inside the Blast Furnace near the bottom   opal8brickwork.jpg (196876 bytes)

opal9furnaceside.jpg (154632 bytes)   Side view of the furnace at the bottom (all 4 sides are constructed the same)