-Listed in order of Elevation-
Mt. Marcy           5344 Nipple Top          4620 Mt. Marshall        4360 South Dix             4060
Algonquin Peak   5114 Santanoni Peak    4607 Allen Mt.             4340 Porter Mt.            4059
Mt. Haystack       4960 Mt. Redfield         4606 Big Slide Mt         4240 Mt. Colvin           4057
Mt. Skylight         4926 Wright Peak         4580 Esther Mt.            4240 Mt. Emmos         4040
Whiteface Mt.      4867 Saddleback Mt.   4515 Upper Wolf Jaw  4185 Dial Mt.               4020
Dix Mt.                4857 Panther Peak       4442 Lower Wolf Jaw  4175 East Dix               4012
Gray Peak           4840 Table Top Mt.     4427 Street Mt.            4166 Blake Peak          3960
Iroquois Peak      4840 RockyPeakRidge4420  Phelps Mt.           4161 Cliff Mt.               3960
Basin Mt.             4827 Macomb Mt.       4405 Mt. Donaldson     4140 Nye Mt.               3895
Gothics               4736  Armstrong Mt.     4400 Seymour Mt.        4120 CouchsachragaPk3820
Mt. Colden          4714 Hough Peak         4400 Sawteeth              4100 Macnaughton Mt*4000
Giant Mt.             4627 Seward Mt.         4361 Cascade Mt.        4098  

  * not one of the required peaks but usually climbed and recognized with an * on the certificate. This list is the original 46 high peaks. These were all originally thought to be at least 4000' in elevation by early surveys, but more recent surveys have lowered several of these peaks. These original 46 peaks are, however, still the peaks recognized by the Adirondack Forty-Sixers as the requirement for membership, and they are the group referred to as the "high" or "major" peaks. The criteria for these original  46 peaks was set as follows:


46-R Patch            Sign-in Canister

The patch pictured above is an indication that the person displaying such is a registered member of the Adirondack 46-R's.  To become a member each individual must keep a climbing log of the 46 required peaks.  When completed this log accompanies an application for an assigned climbing # in the 46-R's. Of the 46 peaks that must be climbed 20 peaks do not have formal trails established leading to their summits. At the top  of each of these summits is a Canister. Each climber must sign his/her name in the log book to indicate that the summit has been reached. Also the dates & names of the 3 previous entries in the log must be submitted with the climbing report. As of June 24,2001 because the canisters have been found to be  "a nonconforming structure" they have all been removed and replaced by the DEC with signs indicating the summits.