"White Mountain Hiking"


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carter1.jpg (111616 bytes)  Trailhead and start of Nineteen Mile Brook Trail

View of the Presidential Range from Carter Dome Trail  carter2.jpg (77380 bytes)

carter3.jpg (88164 bytes)  Carter Dome Summit Cairn ( 4832' )

Carter Notch Hut viewed from Carter Dome Trail  carter4.jpg (109448 bytes)

carter5.jpg (94428 bytes)  Descending to the Carter Notch Hut

Cliffs of Wildcat "A" above Carter Notch Hut  carter6.jpg (117800 bytes)

carter7.jpg (95468 bytes)  Summit of Wildcat "A" ( 4422' ) above Carter Notch Hut

Near Carter Notch Hut carter8.jpg (106936 bytes)

carter9.jpg (84476 bytes) Entrance to Carter Notch Hut

Nineteen Mile Brook Trail carter10.jpg (125296 bytes)