-White Mountain 4000's-

(in order of elevation) (red inset = peaks I have climbed> completed August 2000)

Washington          6288 Bond                   4698 Field                    4326 Passaconoway     4060
Adams                 5774 Carrigain              4680 Pierce (Clinton)    4310 Hale                     4054
Jefferson              5712 Middle Carter      4610 Willey                  4302 Jackson               4052
Monroe               5384 West Bond          4540 North Kinesman   4293 Moriah                 4049
Madison              5367 Garfield                4500 South Hancock    4274 Tom                     4047
Lafayette              5260 Liberty                 4459 Bondcliff              4265 Wildcat E             4041
Lincoln                 5089 South Carter        4430 Zealand                4260 Owl's Head          4025
South Twin          4902 Wildcat                4422 Cabot                  4170 Galehead            4024 
Carter Dome        4832 Hancock              4403 East Osceola        4156 Whiteface           4010 
Moosilauke          4802 South Kinesman   4358 NorthTripyramid  4140 Waumbeck          4006
Eisenhower          4761 Osceola               4340 MiddleTripyramid4110 Isolation               4005
North Twin          4761 Flume                  4328 Cannon                4100 Tecumseh            4003


Unlike the Adirondack 46er's, whose required peaks will never change, the Four Thousand Footer Committe in New Hampshire reviews the peaks and will make changes that add   peaks and delete others.

The Presidential Range provides spectacular views above tree line.  The weather plays a large part in hiking in this area of the Whites- one always has to be cautious and head for lower elevations when the weather starts to threaten.

Hiking in the White Mountains National Forest also requires the purchase of a parking permit to be able to park at the trailheads- even the most remote areas are patrolled.

A unique part of hiking in the White Mountains is the Hut system. These are "bunkrooms" on the mountains where hikers may reserve rooms and meals- they can also serve as a safety measure in the summer if caught in severe weather conditions. There is a series of eight huts. I have been fortunate to have hiked to all of the huts.

- Lakes of the Clouds Hut   (5050')                       - Mizpah Spring Hut           (3800')
- Madison Hut                      (4800')                      - Carter Notch Hut             (3288')
- Greenleaf Hut                    (4200')                       - Lonesome Lake Hut        (2760')
- Galehead Hut                    (3800')                       - Zealand Falls Hut             (2700')