-Raquette Falls   11-6-99-   

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raqfallsrock.jpg (260624 bytes)  Mossy rock on the Raquette Falls trail

Ranger Quarters at Raquette Falls  raqcabin.jpg (209412 bytes)

raqlower1.jpg (191468 bytes)  Lower Falls mist

Looking at where the River begins after the lower falls  raqlower2.jpg (223148 bytes)

raqlower3.jpg (214868 bytes)  More below the falls

  There is a faint Rainbow in the mist  raqrainbow.jpg (220044 bytes)

raqtractor.jpg (223224 bytes) Wonder if this is still used at the falls !!!!!

Just below the falls at the end of the canoe carry   raqbelowfalls.jpg (190604 bytes)