The Project Adventure High Ropes Course is a confidence builder that was developed as part of the regular Physical Education Program at Tupper Lake Central School. It was aimed at developing confidence and cooperation among the students, as well as providing an exciting and challenging activity for them to participate in. The course was the result of a written grant that was matched in funds by the local school board. The elements involve students in various activities 10-25 feet above the gymnasium floor. Each element is belayed from the ground to provide a safe but challenging environment.

Students are instructed in techniques of belaying and adjustment and care of all climbing equipment. There are no failures in this activity, the effort put forth in the attempt is in itself very rewarding. Most students are surprised at their success when attempting something that is unknown to them. This activity has been well received by students from other schools,  parent's nights, teacher's conferences, and PE classes.

A highlight of the activity is when selected students are taken to an 80' rock face to rappell down. This is a rewarding and exciting experience- also a tourist attraction for many passing by stop to take pictures and ask questions about the activity. Following is a list of many elements that are represented on site at the present time:

Rappelling -- Burma Bridge -- Zip Line -- Swing -- Low Beam -- High Beam
High Ladder Traverse -- Outdoor Rappelling