-Vermont 4000's-  

Mount Mansfield             4393 Camel's Hump                4083 Mt. Abraham                  4006
Killington Peak                4241 Mt. Ellen                        4083  

There are only 5 peaks in the Green Mountains of Vermont over 4000 feet.
Camel's Hump is the only major peak in Vermont that has not been disturbed by a  ski development. It has a distinct cone summit that has also been alluded to as the "Sleeping Lion". It along with Mt. Mansfield can be readily seen from any of the major high peaks in New York State.

A most interesting fall hike in Vermont is the   traverse of the Summit of Mount Mansfield, ascending via the Sunset Ridge Trail and descending by way of the Maple Ridge Trail. Most of the hike is above tree line and provides spectacular views.

-Green Mountain Choice Photo-

-Camels Hump-