-Whiteface Mt 4867' (9-19-98)-

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woldtob.jpg (107244 bytes)  Old Rescue Sled Shelter on Lookout Mt (4000')

Esther Mt (4240') taken from Whiteface Mt near summit  westfmwh.jpg (77104 bytes)

wretwall.jpg (134064 bytes)  Retaining Wall on the Hairpin Corner (Whiteface Memorial Highway)

Climbin the Retaining Wall  wclmwall.jpg (123152 bytes)

wappsumit.jpg (63072 bytes)  Approaching the Summit of Whiteface Mt (4867') via Wilmington Trail

  Walkway to the Summit of Whiteface (mostly used by tourists) wwalkwy.jpg (68220 bytes)           

 wslide.jpg (111384 bytes) Slide on  Whiteface Mt- Ski Lift- Ski Trails

Summit Buildings on Whiteface Mt. (4867') wbuildings.jpg (94336 bytes)