Saturday- Jan 23- Afternoon-> Backboarding on the Hill

Sunday-    Jan 24- Morning->   Backboarding on the Hill
Crock Pot- Scalloped Potatoes /Ham by Tom
                             Coffee Cake by Petra L.      photos

Saturday- Jan 30- Lift Evacuation Training (photos under "Training")

Sunday- Feb 7  With Rick Wood   
Event cancelled because of Rick's past catching up with him. Seems
like an old track injury may have flared up (knee)- never realized he ran fast enough to injure himself !!!     

                        1971 Photo- Could that be Rick today on the Left ????                             


Friday- February 5, 2010
     Anne Maltais is recovering well from an upper Femur fracture sustained at Whiteface Mt
     on Thursday.  She was operated on in Potsdam and spare parts on hand were used to
     repair her leg.  She is in good spirits and is looking forward to coming home.  Photo

Saturday- February 13- Sled Handling with Rick Wood  (photos in the training section)
                                       Anne Maltais was back at the patrol room
                                       Alex brought Beef Stew for lunch

Sunday- February 14- Commander Tom provides hot Meat Balls for lunch.
                                     Guy H. provides chili for lunch.

Wednesday- March 3-  The patrol will participate in the flag parade on the mountain this 
                                       Saturday, March 6.  The day is being dedicated to Bergan (Arsenault)
                                       Flannigan who was injured in Afghanistan recently. Hope to see all of
                                       you there.

                                      (Barbecue area being prepared for the activities this weekend)  Photo

Saturday- March 20 - Final sweep of the mountain took place at about 2:00pm, followed by a
                                     gathering at P2's Irish Pub. 

Friday- April 16-  On Monday April 19 there will be a patrol Social Hour/Supper @ White 
                                    Birch.    Will post photos later.