QUESTION: When is the actual finishing time for a climb ?

Finishing time is recorded when returning to the Trailhead not the Summit.


QUESTION:  Who do we make checks out to     ?

ANSWER:      Tupper Lake Triad- please no Canadian checks- or postal orders (US  checks/ funds)


QUESTION: Can the 3 mountains be LOOPED

ANSWER: No- each has its own Trailhead/Parking  Area (Coney/Goodman real close, Arab in Conifer NY)

                               Refer to the Peaks section for directions


QUESTION: How is the total time measured if I climb all three in a day ?

ANSWER:  The total would be from the time you left the first Trailhead to the time
                            you returned to the Trailhead of the 3rd mountain, not the summit
                            of the third mountain.

QUESTION:  What does the number in ( ) mean ?

ANSWER:  The number in ( ) is the cumulative finishing position for the current season. The number to the

                            left of the ( ) is the cumulative
                            finishing position throughout ALL years of the particular season. 

                            Winter- Spring/Summer- Canine Winter- Canine Spring/Summer.